Vocab(Of Mice and Men) Chapter 3

 Of Mice and Men Vocabulary

·         Mottled –spotted; blotched with colors

·         Recumbent – leaning; resting

·         Bindle – a blanket roll of personal belongings

·         Morosely – gloomily

·         Contemplated – to ponder or consider thoughtfully

·         Imperiously – urgently pressing

·         Dejectedly – depressed; disheartened

·         Jack – money

·         Scourges – a whip used to inflict punishment

·         Pugnacious – having a quarrelsome behavior

·         Slough – hole filled with mud

·         Derogatory – offensive

·         Tart – a prostitute

·         Plaintively – expressing sorrow

·         Archly – bend; curve

·         Apprehensive – anxious; fearful

·         Gravity – seriousness

·         Scuttled – ran playfully, scurried

·         Pulp – soft, moist mass of matter

·         Euchre – card game

·         Hoosegow – jail

·         Raptly – attracted or delighted

·         Reprehensible – deserving revenge

·         Bemused – confused

·         Wryly – dry humor; irony

·         Hame – piece of an animal harness

·         Aloof – reserved; emotionally detached

·         Fawning – humbly; spiritless

·         Disarming – displaying no hostility

·         Contemptuously – disrespectfully

·         Indignation – anger

·         Averted – to prevent

·         Crestfallen – dejected; dispirited

·         Jeering – to rudely shout

·         Complacently – with self-satisfaction

·         Contorted- twisted

·         Bewildered – confused

·         Dusky – dark in color

·         Cringed – shrink in fear

·         Hovered – to remain float

·         Sniveled – to complain or whine

·         Scudded – to move fast

·         Skittered –  to skip or glide

·         Gingham – cotton with patterns

·         Snooker – variation of pool

·         Haunches – hip, buttocks, and upper thigh

·         Retorted – to reply in combative manner

·         Belligerently – aggressively hostile

·         Monotonous – dull


  • News: Newspaper :: Tabloid: Magazine
  • Defensively: Retreat:: Offensively: Attack
  • Criminals: Hoosegow :: Kings: Palaces
  • Bemuse: Inform:: Confused: Enlightened
  • Math games: Sudoku :: Card games:  Solitaire
  • Deliberate: Liberate:: Derision: Fusion
  • Many: Poly :: Single: Euchre
  • Calm: Quiet:: Sentimental : Bleated
  • Subsided: Quite:: Excited: Noise
  • Reprehensible: Crime:: Praiseworthy: Kind deed
  • Entranced: Beauty:: Disenchanted: Eyesore
  • Picket: Leg:: Canvas: Tent
  • Kewpie Doll: Recreation:: Textbook : Education
  • Scuttled: Ran:: Lumber: Walked
  • Impressive: Ordinary:: Day: Night
  • Welter: fights:: Professor: teaches
  • Stake: Make:: Roll: Poll
  • Coward: Cower:: Hero: Rescues
  • Wryly: Nicely: White: Light


12 Responses to Vocab(Of Mice and Men) Chapter 3

  1. Serena says:

    Where did you get this vocabulary list? Do you have similar lists for other novels?

  2. bluebeans says:

    Um…no. My English teacher gave this to me, and I happened to define the words and post it on my blog. These words often come on other standardized tests (LSAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, etc.)

    KKKK (Kaptain King Kozar Khan)

  3. ghost says:

    can i get the page numbers for all of the vocab words please

  4. choady says:

    can i also get the page numbers for the vocab wordss

  5. trevor says:

    why dont you have all the vocab words dude? dude you suck im more savage than you. come on halo ill pown you bring it.

  6. john says:

    dude you suck!! your words arent in alphebetical order you suck!! change it

  7. bluebeans says:

    I am sorry for not being able to provide you guys with page numbers.

  8. forgotmybook says:

    blehhh i need page numders. mann! what now?

  9. ihatevocab says:

    i need vocab definitions for of mice and men chapter 1,2,3,4,5,6 well… all can you do it for me?

  10. What if?
    What about Lennie on base? The ghost of Curley’s wife singing; George on drums; Crooks on guitar; and Candy doing some back up vocals and percussion. We’ll call them Dead Puppy! They could do gigs in CA and head back to the ole dream ranch.

  11. melissa says:

    dude, thank you SO much. i love it!(: you just made my life a ton easier.

  12. girls says:

    They provide almost limitless choice, as their liaison with every type and sort of hotel choices to suit every travelers’ taste and budget. Kingdom, which is toured by millions of travelers annually.

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